A baby Sugar Glider
an Aussie Marsupial
The sweetness of life
Cute & Soft, for now !


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Zoo-Zoom's E.A.R Exotic Animal Rescue



 As sure as the sun comes up in the morning and sets at night we know there is a need for what we do. We take in and provide a safe haven for the exotic animals in our midst that no longer have a place in peoples lives....







The lives of the animals in our care has been made easier thanks to these caring companies.

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Lets, Zoo it Together !!

We specialize in animal education, entertainment & all aspects of exotic animal rescue.
We are a self funded organization, and our critters help to earn their  keep.   
We are USDA & State licensed & located in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. LA 

Zoo-Zoom (Sundown). is a state registered nonprofit 501c(3) charitable organization specializing in exotic animal rescue, rehabilitation, education, transportation and life time care giving for many many, non-releasable, non-adoptable animals.

 Together we have the ability to reach out to all corners of the exotic pet trade..
We have volunteer Veterinary Technicians, Rehabilitators, and USDA licensed Exhibitor's that work with our organization to better the lives of unwanted, abused, orphaned, and neglected exotic animals. Our organization thrives to educate the public about owning and properly caring for exotic animals.
We do not promote all exotic animals as pets.
Some exotic animals should only be cared for by experienced handlers.
Some exotic animals can be completely unpredictable in their behavior and should be respected for what they are Wild Animals!

Take a moment to enjoy the interaction not only between the Kid'z but the critters as well !!

What is Zoo-Zoom ?

Zoo Zoom  "The Little Zoo on Wheels" is a unique way of educating and entertaining children and adults with animals. Learn about some of the wonderful animals that we share this beautiful earth with. Become fascinated and amused with facts and antics of different species of the animal kingdom. Since prehistoric times, animals have acted as companions to humans on their journey toward enlightenment.

We are all volunteers and we receive no government funding. The animals in our care depend solely on fundraisers and generous donations from the public.

 In a nutshell, we are the "Little Zoo" that will come to you. We provide eyes on, ears on, and hands on experiences for folks of all ages. All types of birthday parties from 1 - 101, family reunions, company picnics, special events, school functions, education days, nursing homes, fairs, field days, Mardi Gras Balls etc

Did you ever sit by a Wallaby, or see such a goat?    
Many of our critters came here on a boat.
A Tortoise, a Turtle what's the difference ? Do you know ?
Is it that the Turtle swims fast, and the tortoise walks slow.
Did you ever try to look a chameleon in the eye,
with his one eye on you, and the other on a fly
A lizard, a spider, a snake or two
learning about these guys is good fun for you
the prickles on a hedgehog, no they're not slick
Touch those to fast and your fingers they'll stick
Rabbits & Guinea Pigs even a Rat
And the bag around my neck....I wonder what's in that !


A little behind the scenes glimpse of Zoo-Zoom
Turn up your volume and play it on FULL SCREEN !!

Our animals are our pets, therefore their hygiene is of great importance to us. Those of you that have seen us know, and those of you that haven't can ask.
Zoo - Zoom "The Little Zoo on Wheels has been happily serving Acadiana for almost 8 years.


Zoo-Zoom "The Little Zoo on Wheels" is just that !  All of the animals are happy to travel, as long as we give them plenty of packing time.  So, plan ahead to have us out; we'd ALL like to share a little fun and interesting learning experience.  The animal staff of Zoo-Zoom can help you with all sorts of questions and information. All of our animals are equally interesting and fascinating. Some animals have scales, some have fur, some have hair, some have quills, and some have nothing but their skin. Can you guess who is who? Many of our animals are Exotic meaning that these particular species are not native to this area of the world, and are rarely seen, and never petted. Animals teach us in a variety of ways about behavior, habit, and instinct. House pets embody an unconditional love that remains unchanged in the face of our shape, size, age, race, or gender. They care little for the differences between us and them and simply enjoy loving and being loved. There is much we can learn from animals, as they offer us the unique opportunity to learn from them by observation.

Our pets encourage us to let our guards down, have fun, and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life.



* there may be a travel charge based on the location.

* gratuity for exhibitor is optional, but greatly appreciated.




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and 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
we Have 4 only size 12's
Please contact us for the size 12's

Dressing up has never been so much fun!
Our Jr. Zookeeper Outfit comes complete with an adjustable belt, sunglasses and the official gate key!
This two-piece uniform is made of 100% soft cotton,
button front shirt, button front shorts with zip fly and elastic waistband.

2 piece you can wear jeans with the shirt and the shorts in the warmer weather

Now available in sizes
12,18 & 24 months (snap close shorts - No sunglasses)
Sizes 2 thru 8. (w/sunglasses)

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Acadiana's 1 & only true Exotic animal traveling petting zoo