How to Maintain a Clean Aquarium Without Lifting a Finger

How to Maintain a Clean Aquarium Without Lifting a Finger

Reach out to Zoo-Zoom for aquarium maintenance

When you’re running a busy business, household or classroom, it can be hard to find the time to clean your fish tank. Don’t worry, Zoo-Zoom, LLC can do it for you. We offer aquarium maintenance for freshwater and saltwater aquarium owners. We’ll make sure your tank is sparkling so your fish can live for as long as possible.

We offer one-time cleanings and routine contracted cleaning services. Our freshwater maintenance costs $75, and our saltwater maintenance costs $85. Contact us right away to create a spotless environment for your fish.

Make sure your fish swim in clean waters

We provide full aquatic maintenance services in the Lafayette area. We’ll take the time needed to make sure your aquarium is clean from top to bottom. Our services include:

  • Set up and break down of your system
  • Cleaning the tank and changing the filter
  • Stocking your tank with fish, coral and invertebrates

Don’t let your fish tank turn into a green, cloudy mess. Turn to us today to make sure your tank is always clean and clear. We can work at properties within a 50-mile radius of Lafayette, LA.