Event Site Requirements

For private events, we require a 15'x15' area with partial or full shade. If there is not an area large enough with shade, we must be notified in advance to make other accommodations.

Festival events are required to provide a tent that is a minimum of 20'x20' or there will be an additional fee to cover the rental and setup fee from a third party vendor.


All jobs require a $75.00 deposit due at least 14 days before the event. Any job booked within the 14 day period will be required to pay the total for their event in full. Deposits can be paid via cash or check mailed to us, through PayPal, or over the phone with a 5% processing fee for both deposits and jobs.

Schools, churches, libraries, and businesses are not required to pay a deposit.


We also require all job cancellations to be at least 14 days in advance to have your deposit refunded. Weather conditions are the exception to this. If weather does not permit the job, we will work together to reschedule as soon as possible.

Schools churches, libraries, and businesses that cancel within the 14 day period are responsible for a cancellation fee of 25% of the total event cost.

NSF Policy

Failure to pay your deposit before your booking date will cancel your booking unless otherwise specified.
Checks that bounce are subjected to the following penalties;
$25 if check amount is < or = to $500
5% of check amount if > $500

Additional late fees for failure to pay your balance begin 30 days after the date of your booking at $25.00 a month until your balance is paid or 6 months have pass. After 6 months, we will take legal actions where you will be responsible for lawyer fees and court costs.

Travel Fee Breakdown

50 miles $75.00 - 75 miles $112.50 etc
Gas is very expensive, as is time. We try to be as fair as we can about our travel fees.

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