Don’t Just Tell Your Students About Exotic Animals

Don’t Just Tell Your Students About Exotic Animals

Choose us to give your students firsthand experience

You don’t have to settle for showing your children exotic animals in books or on television. Hire Zoo-Zoom, LLC featuring Schoolhouse Reptiles to bring your science lesson to life. We offer an educational program featuring exotic reptiles, mammals and amphibians. Your students can even touch some of the animals. We’ll provide information about all of the animals we care for, and even ones we don’t.

Reach out to us right away to fit our educational program into your curriculum.

Choose one of our programs below

We offer two different programs for students within a 50-mile radius of Lafayette, LA. Here’s some information about our programs:


Reptiles of Louisiana: Zoo-Zoom featuring Schoolhouse Reptiles

Your students will learn about the reptiles and amphibians they can find in their own backyards.


Reptiles From Around the World: Zoo-Zoom featuring Schoolhouse Reptiles

Generic introduction of the different replies from all different areas.

All of our hour-long educational programs cost $195. You can extend the program to two hours for the same rate. Call us now at 337-845-5124 for more information.